GAMSAT Workshop
GAMSAT Workshop
GAMSAT Workshop
GAMSAT Workshop
GAMSAT Workshop
GAMSAT Workshop

GAMSAT Workshop

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    • Date: Jan 12,13 and 19, 20 and 27
    • Schedule: 10am - 5:45pm


    There will be 5 classes each day, running for 1 hour and 15 minutes each, with a 15 minute break between classes and a 45-minute lunch break.



    Melbourne - St Mary’s College, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne
    Sydney - Sancta Sophia College, Sydney
    Perth -Trinity on Hampden, The University of Western Australia, Perth
    Brisbane - The University of Queensland, Brisbane
    Adelaide - St Ann’s College, Adelaide


    What this course includes

    • 5 day GAMSAT workshop (30 hours of teaching)
    • Videos teaching all aspects of the exam
    • Comprehensive section 2 guide
    • 10 Marked essays
    • Access to our online question bank (developed within the last 6 months to be as similar to ACER and the current GAMSAT as possible)
    • Small class sizes
    • After-hours support from workshop teachers
    • Early bird offer of $1000 ends December 21


    Product Summary

    With the recent development of our GAMSAT product at MedView, we are uniquely placed to offer the most relevant, in-depth and comprehensive course to prepare you for your journey to GAMSAT success.

    For so many students, the GAMSAT is an incredibly challenging exam. In the most part, this is because it’s so different to anything they are used to. Learning how to deal with these differences is a skill that can be taught. Our highly-achieving GAMSAT team, with vast experience in teaching and question writing, have worked to give you a product which simplifies the process of GAMSAT study. With the right strategy, the right resources and a simplification of the process, the GAMSAT stops being such a daunting exam.

    The GAMSAT workshop is our first-line offering to students, and provides you with all of the tools and techniques to succeed. Within the workshop, comes MedView’s question bank, consisting of questions which have been developed to be as similar to ACER’s GAMSAT as possible. These questions are organised into specific subtopics, which lets you tackle your areas of weakness in the most efficient manner possible. This allows for you to move away from the endless memorisation and textbook-learning that other companies offer, whilst providing you with a clear indication of the question difficulty and style of the exam; we believe this offers students the best chance to hone the problem-solving skills necessary for success within the GAMSAT. Our essay guide teaches you how to write exactly to the criteria of ACER. This means that you’re developing your skills to meet the assessment criteria, hence improving your writing in the most efficient and effective manner. This is coupled this with our essay-marking and example-essay services, letting your practice these skills with feedback and tips from markers and example essays. Additionally, the workshop offers >30 hours in-person teaching, teaching the most challenging areas of the exam, so that you can ask questions of and engage with those who have gone through the GAMSAT and achieved their dream mark.



    Please email if you have further questions!