MEDSCI142 Weekly Revision Classes
MEDSCI142 Weekly Revision Classes

MEDSCI142 Weekly Revision Classes

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MEDSCI 142 is your final core paper, and is undoubtedly the most difficult and content-filled paper of your entire first year. In order to maintain your core GPA in semester two, early preparation is needed! Our course is a private, intensive and interactive lesson programme specifically designed to get you ahead and prepared.

Why us? Our tutors are very experienced at teaching and are current medical students at the University of Auckland. They have each achieved an A+ in their respective subjects either scoring 95%+ and/or being top of the class in their subject.


What the weekly revision classes include:

20+ full hours of lessons for your Semester Two core paper, MEDSCI 142. These lessons will be useful for revising what you've learnt in class during lectures and labs, as well as showing you what exactly to study for to ensure you get top marks for this paper. The revision classes include test and exam revision sessions as well.

A+ is important and we want you to excel far faster than anyone else. 


All of this at only $30 per hour!



Further details about the course:

WHEN: Classes commence on the week of July 29. There will be two streams each week, one on Mondays and one on Tuesdays. Both will be from 5:45 pm - 7:45 pm 

WHERE: The UUNZ Tower (76 - 78 Symonds Street, Grafton, Auckland 1010)



Hear what our past students had to say:

They created an atmosphere right from Flying Start all the way to the MMI interview training session where I always felt comfortable to pitch in my ideas, even if they were not necessarily correct. The tutors were excellent in the way that they would give hints and guide us towards the correct solutions but encouraged us as a class to discuss - A.G. 3rd Year Medical Student at the University of Auckland

The amount of information to be learnt was exponentially greater than high school, but having the tutors explain the content prior to lectures was very advantageous. Tutors made the essential points clear so that during the lecture I would have an idea of the expectations and pay extra attention to the main points. They also provided helpful tips for studying, as well as explaining how each subject is assessed and if any tests were more challenging than others. - P.I. 2nd Year Medical Student at the University of Auckland



Please reach out at if you have any queries and we'll get in touch!